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WhitePages People Search makes it easy and efficient to search for people, addresses and phone numbers. All results include maps and driving directions.

Business Searches

WhitePages Business Search allows you to search for businesses both locally and nationwide. All results include maps and driving directions.

Reverse Phone Directory

Have a phone number, but need to know more? Use our reverse phone number lookup to enter a phone number and find the person's name and address.

Reverse Address Lookup

Have an address but need a phone number? Our reverse address search allows you to find a person's name and phone number by searching with just an address.

Find an Area Code

Search for Area Codes in the U.S. and Canada. All results include county (U.S. only) and time zone information as well as area code maps.

Reverse Area Code Lookup

Find a U.S. or Canadian city by area code. Results include cities and states/provinces associated with a U.S. or Canadian area code plus county, time zone and area code map information.

Area Code Maps

All Area Code search results pages have a link to the most appropriate state, province or regional area code map.

Postal Codes

Search for postal codes in Canada. All results include county and time zone information.

Reverse Postal Code Lookup

Find the cities and provinces associated with postal codes in Canada. All results include time zone information.

Neighbour Search

Find your neighbours' addresses and phone numbers.



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Find out who's calling -- instantly! Mobile Caller ID is finally available for U.S. listings and display the results in seconds. Answer the calls you want, skip the ones you don't. You're in control.

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Quickly perform the most popular searches by selecting WhitePages in the Firefox search dropdown.

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Add a WhitePages button to your Google toolbar and look up people, businesses and phone numbers directly from your browser toolbar.

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Add WhitePages search to your iGoogle homepage. People Search, Business Search, Reverse Phone and more are just a click away.

People Search by State

Use our state and city white pages directory to narrow your people search.

Business Search by State

Use our state and city yellow pages directory to narrow your search for a business phone number or address.

WhitePages API

Build WhitePages search into your own application with our Developer API.

International Resources

International Calling Codes

We have international phone codes for countries from Australia to Zimbabwe. Results include international area codes, international country codes and international city codes.

International Directories

Looking for directory information for a foreign country? provides links to international yellow pages.

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